Contract Management

Every economic relationship has a contract at its heart, and the management of each individual contract entails costs and risks. Even in the case of agreements governed by standard contract templates, a number of critical issues remain to be addressed - e.g. documentation retrieval and compliance requirements before and after signing. Lexecute offers a single digital environment - designed from a user-centered perspective - with digital onboarding, self-provisioning of dossiers and investigations, and automated management (through smart legal contracts) of the entire life cycle of different types of contracts.

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Inside the Smart Factory

Industrial IoT&B

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Digital technology is changing the face of industrial and manufacturing world. In a so-called “smart factory”, physical systems and software must be integrated in production. Our solution, based on wireless cutting edge sensors, distributed analytics, blockchain and empowering UI/UX, enables even the smallest business to turn its factory in an adaptive cyber-physical environment where every process at any level (from the single machine to the entire production chain) is monitored, optimized and certified. We call this a “fog modular architecture”, meaning intelligence spread all over the system.

A Renewed Value

Supply Chain

In order to meet efficiency, traceability, scalability, security, and sustainability needs, supply chains are moving from a traditional model, where information is exchanged between adjacent nodes and stored on a centralized server, to a distributed one. Within this new “multi-stakeholder value chain” paradigm, Faberbee smart contracts and cryptographic management guarantee a widespread control of products and processes, high levels of safety and efficiency of transactions. But that’s only half of the story: through the appropriate integration of BI/AI and natural UI/UX we provide each stakeholder with an empowering tool for extracting knowledge and operating effectively in the network.

Blockchain-based Notarization


The advent of public blockchains with their decentralized, irrefutable ledgers has opened up the possibility of a whole new range of digital services, including trusted timestamping. In a nutshell, anyone is now able of securely keeping track of the creation and modification time of any kind of document or event, in the absence of a trusted third party. As an active contributor of the OpenTimestamps project, Faberbee provides an array of timestamp-based solutions and aims at becoming a reference in this sector. By clicking below you can take advantage of our basic timestamping service anonymously and free of charge.

Skills as a Service


A pragmatic approach is essential when dealing with an emerging technology. In order not to waste its game-changing innovation potential, our mission is to help our clients discern whether or not blockchain is the most appropriate instrument to meet their needs. And, if so, which of its many possible variations should be preferred. Moreover, as part of a larger group with proven and consolidated skills on topics such as OpenShift, OpenStack and Cloud, Faberbee can provide 360 degrees advisory, from preliminary study to delivery of complex solutions in a secure, reliable and cutting-edge environment, always aiming at making our clients autonomous in managing their infrastructure.

Top Features

End-to-end solutions

Context and process analysis are our first step towards understanding the environment and shaping the solution. Architecture, scalability and security define the final model.

Blockchain agnostic

By looking at transaction demands, amount of data to be stored and type of data, we figure out which blockchain type is the best fit. Agnosticism is crucial in such a fast-moving industry.

Data science

Our team of engineers takes a deep dive into your data set, using top-of-the-line analysis tools and advanced logic to uncover actionable business insights.

Open source

Faberbee is an open source driven company. No license required. Our solutions are always compliant with the latest tools and practices adopted by the open source community.

Certified process

As an ISO 27001 certified company, Faberbee operates in a safe environment, follows all required methodologies in terms of security, and guarantees the protection of its clients’ data.


We design all our solutions to be quickly adapted to changes. Microservice architecture enables scalability and continuous deployment of new features where required.


Faberbee is a newborn. We are light, adaptive and instinctively curious. But don’t call us a “startup”… Our parent company Par-Tec provides us with experience, solidity, resources and effectiveness. We built strong partnerships with leading academic institutions in the blockchain environment. And if that is not enough, we operate in compliance with all requirements provided by the best-known information security standards.


We believe that nobody is enough for himself and that diversity (of characters, functions, attitudes) is a priceless resource and should always be valued. This is our way of working together differently to shape ideas, execute effectively and share success.

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